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Mediation can be a great alternative to traditional legal proceedings for resolving your family law dispute. These matters are often contentious and laden with emotion. Mediation provides an outlet for that emotion, as well as channeling that energy into finding useful and workable solutions to the often complex difficulties that arise in family law. In addition to being useful for resolving disputes entirely, parties can use mediation to resolve some issues in a divorce, while reserving the use of the court system to resolve other issues. A disadvantage of using the court system is that proceedings are generally a matter of public record. The example of Jack Ryan’s 2004 Illinois Senate Campaign shows the potentially devastating effect this can have. Mr. Ryan’s campaign collapsed after scandalous allegations from his divorce surfaced. A mediation, in contrast, is confidential. In fact, most mediators destroy any notes they have taken during the mediation to preserve confidentiality. Mediation, however, is not necessarily appropriate in all circumstances. There are times when the legal system must be involved. The divorce attorneys of Lewis & Longlett, LLC are well aware of the merits of both mediation and traditional divorce actions. We can guide you through this difficult time and show you the benefits of each approach for your individual situation so that you can make an informed choice. For more information on mediating your family law dispute, contact us. If you’ve been referred to us for mediation services by a court, by your attorney, or pursuant to a parenting agreement, click here to access our mediation services page.

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